Startup Labs has a strong network of entrepreneurs which it actively works to connect. Through mentorship, startup tours, and office hours, students will be able to ineract with our network. From the other student entrepreneurs, to seasoned entrepreneurs in Silicon Beach, students can expect to receive support and advice from a variety of sources.


Startup Labs aims to provide each team with a strong support network to aid them every step of the way. Students will be paired with an individual mentor with whom they will be able to be in contact with throughout the program. After the initial meeting, students will be able to reconnect weekly with their mentors during 'office hours' sessions via Skype. During 'office hours', aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to gain valuable advice, contacts, and further insight from their mentors.

Levi Brooks
CEO and Co-founder of Use All Five
Mike Townsend
Founder of HomeHero
Matthew Arevalo
Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer at Loot Crate
Matthew Manos
Founder & Managing Director @ verynice
John Tabis
Founder & CEO @ The Bouqs Company
William Hsu
Co-founder & Managing Partner @ Mucker Capital
Alon Shwartz
Founder & CEO @ unGlue
Greg Blackman
Co-founder & SVP @ Bidfluence
Erick Miller
Founder & Managing Director @ Hyperspeed Ventures
Eric Pakravan
Senior Associate @ Amplify.LA
Joe Guzel
Associate @ Crosscut Ventures